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Walnut with dogwood flowers.

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It will be a ladies cane and will have a zebrawood handle


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Very nice, are you going to multi color stain it to make those doggies pop?
No. I do not think I will use a stain. I generally use spar varnish on my canes and sticks. On the walnut the carving will stand out. The texturing around the flowers and leaves makes them stand out from the rest of the shaft.
Nice work ,good contrasting texture,

Zebra wood/ thats very exotic ,it must be difficult to get your hands on it? dosnt that come from africa? you must have a good importer there

Walnut ,nice material .will you treat it before you varnish it. It can be quickly infested with woodworm and alike if your not careful i understand/. be nice to see the finisehd item with a zebra wood handle though quite a classy item
Good work! Once again I am envious of you talented carvers!
Very nice, indeed! Well drawn and executed. Done anything like that before?
Very nice work. I favor decorated shafts even if it's just a texture or design. Carving such as yours is the very best example. I too envy your talent.
Hello folks! Why have I just found this forum? I've been looking and reading through several of the posts. I've seen some exceptional canes and staffs! I think I'm going to enjoy this site. I just start working with sticks and canes 2 years ago, and enjoy the therapeutic and stress relieving values of working with the wood. Hope to enjoy this site for a long while.....
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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