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For the first time, I just applied this wax over a honey locust stick that I finished about two years ago with perhaps four applications of 100% tung oil.


Of course, after two years the oil at the surface must have dried out a lot, and the wax really made the colors pop again. I'll buff it this afternoon and see whether I want to apply still more wax. This wax is not supposed to yellow with age.
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Looks like good wax, love to see how it turns out once you get it done.
I've heard that it's a really good wax.

Renaissance wax is a museum standard. Can use it on all sorts of materials. I've coated several sticks with it to gloss them up. I've been using more "teak" oil than Tung. Both the wax and the oil contain some white spirits, and so the 2 seem to bond well.
I've now waxed and buffed each of three sticks three times, and I'm pleased with the results.

All these sticks were several years old, although one had a couple of Danish oil applications over the years old tung oil applications.

One was just tung oil, several years old.

One is a pine stick that a retired Gunny in Pennsylvania made for me, apparently using a lathe for some of the work. He likely finished it with a polyurethane, and so it really needed some protection He did a lot of great woodburning that I didn't want to lose. He had embedded a lot of pins and I need to ask him how. The epoxy or material behind the pins is pitch black, but the little coating over the pins is perfectly clear. The wax on these areas required a lot more buffing, but once done they shined as if new. Here is that stick when only a year old: http://walkingstickforum.com/gallery/album/3-my-first-walking-stick/

Once I'm 100% confident that sufficient applications of whatever finish I use are adequate, I'll use the wax on more sticks, unless I'd prefer a really dull and more natural appearing finish.
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