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What kind of wood is that?

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I have used all kinds of woods to make my canes but this one is probably the most unusual. I was sitting outside of my RV removing the bark from a Brazilian Pepper stick when a man walking by stopped to watch. When I looked up I saw he was walking with a cane, a very unusual cane. He looked at me and smiled and said I would never guess with the material is. He was right. It turned out to be the central stem from the seeds or dates that grow up in the tops of the palm trees in Florida. Fortunately, I had chatted with the guy who maintained the grounds of the RV Park. I asked him if he would save me some of the stems when he trimmed the trees. A few days later he gave me 1/2 dozen stems. When they are green, they are soft and flexible and curved from the weight of the seeds. I anchored one end and hung a jug of water from the other. After a few days in the sun, the stem dried sufficiently and dried straight. I used a purple heart spacer and a walnut handle. This cane needs to have a finish applied. I couldn't find the photos of my finished cane.


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I love the nubs, they make an unusual shaft.
I would never have guessed. We don't have any native palm here though a few species will grow here I've never seen any produce fruit or seeds.

It's a great looking cane and I would think would be a popular material.

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