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I've been at this cane-making hobby for 3 1/2 years and something has always bugged me - I finally came up with a solution yesterday that might just qualify me for GENIUS STATUS - am anticipating a trophy/crown/plaque/etc.

I've mentioned here before during this time of the year I apply the finish to these canes in our attached garage but then carry them inside into the kiln - our laundry room, which I really appreciate. I put down old throw rugs to protect the flooring from any drippings, i.e., polyurethane/Tung Oil/etc. And when/if that cane is covered with wet/sticky/dripping solution, where do I grab it?

It finally occurred to me yesterday. Recognizing the smaller end of the cane will eventually be covered with a rubber tip anyway, I drilled a hole in that end. Then I drilled the same size hole in a 4" (??) piece of maple to use at the temporary handle.

By "attaching" the handle to the cane via a dowel screw I then had a firm/dry surface to grab that cane. I then installed an eye screw and hanger. Yesterday I carried that piece in and out of the laundry room several times and it worked beautifully. Once the cane is ready/finished I'll set my "GENIUS" handle aside until the next project.

Please feel free to share with your friends/relatives/grandchildren/strange people living in your neighborhood even. You can even tell them it was your idea.





1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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