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Wood Chisel Warning

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Several weeks ago I bought a set of three Stanley wood chisels at Ace Hardware, and just got around to using them yesterday. I was wondering if maybe any of you could decipher/explain this warning on the flat side of all three chisels. Apparently it is assumed the "user and bystander" have only one eye. Each.
Can you believe this?
Wear safety goggle user and bystander"


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as Rodney has said never sharpen the flat side .keep it flat . it will cause you to dig into the wood where you don't want to and you wont have full control .Its important to maintain the correct angle which will vary depending on the person and is always a matter of debate .You usually find your own way of both cutting and sharpening to suit you

Its like scissors or shears they will not cut if you try to sharpen the flat side
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