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Wood Chisel Warning

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Several weeks ago I bought a set of three Stanley wood chisels at Ace Hardware, and just got around to using them yesterday. I was wondering if maybe any of you could decipher/explain this warning on the flat side of all three chisels. Apparently it is assumed the "user and bystander" have only one eye. Each.
Can you believe this?
Wear safety goggle user and bystander"


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Sharpening is always a huge (and dangerous) topic for discussion. Friendships have been destroyed over it. :)

For me there's more than one right way and it comes down to whatever works best for the individual.

I use a waterstone and a chisel sharpening jig to maintain the bevel on mine. Too much opportunity for error without the jig for me.

You can also use various grits of sandpaper glued to a hard flat surface to get started. Look up "Scary Sharp" for that method. It's cheap to get started but sandpaper does add up over time.

The carvers in the group know far more about sharpening than I ever will but a well sharpened tool is a pleasure to use.

Are Stanley tools still made in the USA? That warning reads like a bad Asian translation.

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I forgot to add: Flatten the flat side once. With proper care it should stay flat. Sharpen from the bevel side. You need to remove a lot less metal when sharpening just the bevel. Once they're properly sharpened, factory chisels rarely are completely sharp, it doesn't take much to maintain the edge.

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