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Wood spirit and stick integrity

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I'd like to explain why a detailed wood spirit carving leaves plenty of integrity even on small diameter shanks (wood type dependent).

Of course I didn't have my jack with me, so I had to use my big honking pocket knife without slicing a digit.

10 min carving photographing. So this is quick and dirty, I may make a more detailed one later (there are an abundance of these out there)

To begin with I have a 3/8 inch piece of holly.

To get a nice depth for the face my rule is to use a radial width (half the distance front to back of the face of the stick)

I create an angle which will determine the width of the face.

Rectangle Wood Gesture Art Artifact

I then mark off 3 lines for the eye, the bottom of the nose and the mouth (a good understanding of facial planes is nice to have).

Wood Artifact Art Trunk Lumber

I make a straight cut down on each of these lines.

I then make an angel cut to create the nose bridge and the bottom lip

Wood Twig Tints and shades Artifact Plant

Draw in the eyes and mustache and beard.

Stop Cut down the sides of the nose

Then remove the cheeks at an angle back towards the eye.

Stop cut the mustache and remove inside beard at an angle and around the cheeks on the oustide.

Wood Trunk Artifact Art Font

From here you can detail out eyes and hair and beard etc etc.

But what I want to show is the amount of wood remaining is plenty for stability of the stick and decent amount of depth and detail can be added.


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Nice .well described and exicuted,standard drawing

This deserves a tutorial in its own right

I am sure a newcomer would be very interested in it,its well photographed and explianed.It should encourage more people to the site and give them confidence in tackling such a project,

It is quick with basic carving and presented very well .

this should have a complete guide on how to tackle this project, i am sure lots of people would be interested.

The resources you have there must be a help from tthe type of wood you can find to the differences in the type of woods used ie.hardwoods/softwoods ,wood more siutable for carving.

Also the diameter and height along with the finish and fitments used

Along with the type of photos you use which are excellent and tools suitable for the job in hand.its simple but effective and any other hint and tip which could be passed on

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Thanks Dennis (I see you frequent the Carving Path too)

I'll put it on my list to do a more detailed explanation on how and why I work. (May even make a blog as mentioned on another thread).

I take the pictures with my smartphone (these are) or I have a Canon 300D that works well too. I then pull them into Photoshop to comment and put together.
Think it will do the site good encourage more active roles i hope different ideas are always welcome even if you dont agree with them

Well the phone works well .My wife just got a smart phone i just use her old one , im not sure i want people to contact me whenever they like ? and only just started using text messages, i know modern times but i still like putting pen to paper writing a letter or getting one in nice handwriting is still a pleasure for me .and my girls usually decorate there envelopes which is a treat to recieve.

I know old fashioned but still have a fresh outlook just treasure certain things

But as for the site i will lookforward to that and if any help is wanted i wil and sure others will help.
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