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Workmate or Jawhorse?

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Christmas is on the way and I've been good (IMO) so I'm going to ask Santa for a new tool. Looking for opinions on which one of these you guys/gals might be using. Leaning toward the Jawhorse for the ease of foot clamping but I also like the larger work top on the Workmate. Suggestions?
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I have both. I have had a workmate for many years. I have had my jaw horse for just over a year. If I could just have one I would choose the Jaw Horse. There is so much you can do with it. It is the best of the two for holding stick. You can hold it at any angle. It is amazingly stable.Using Mallet tools I have done a lot of waist removal when taking of bark or working on a large carving. I have made a jig that holds my carving vise, tools and a light. I have made some changes sense I took the pictures but you can get the idea. It is like having a third had when doing work around the House. I used the work mate for many years it was my vise and work bench. It is a back up now. I could to to pages on all the things I have used the Jaw Horse for.


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