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Wormy Ash Fritz style cane

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I've been making and selling Fritz style canes since around the first of the year. I finally decided to keep one for myself.

I've finally found some artistic worms. Mostly the bugs are just hungry around here. My wife told me not to fill the holes and I'm glad I listened.

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It's some Oregon White Ash that I found dead next to the road. I don't know how long it was there and is actually the second cane I've made from the same tree. The first one I sold and forgot to take pictures of it.

It has a two piece shank because I couldn't find any other pieces after the first cane that were long and straight enough for a one piece shank. The joints have 3/8" steel bolts inside and polished copper on the outside. I made a couple small mistakes fitting the copper. The joints aren't as flush as I would like but it's livable. Between the ash being fairly dense and the extra metal this is a pretty hefty cane. Overall I'm pretty pleased with it.

Thanks for looking,



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like the Derby style I see

Funny how people like the different styles . I have a preference for the cardigan style

nice job as long as your happy with it it looks fine to me

you could always fit end caps on the handle ends this is something I do using buffalo horn just gives a bit extra
Thank you Cobalt.

Actually I prefer the Cardigan style. It's one of those deals where I've been making canes to sell so up until now I didn't have any of my current work for myself. I've been using my earlier canes and mistakes and selling the others. I plan on keeping at least one of each style that I make for myself. I chose to keep this one because while there is a lot of ash growing around here, getting access to it hasn't been that easy for me. Most that I see is on private property.

From what I've seen the differences between the Fritz and Derby styles are pretty minor and there is some overlap. To me the Fritz style tends to have a flatter front and back while a Derby has a rounded back that is almost incurved and that comes to a point on the bottom. They also tend to have a more blended, sort of upswept front than a Fritz.

I don't remember for sure but I think I read somewhere the Fritz is of German origin. For some reason I associate the Derby with being an Irish style. There's a good chance I'm completely wrong on both.

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Nice job, the worm tracks give it a rustic look.
The bug tunneling gives it a unique look.
I really like the colors and grain. We have a lot of Ash dying here in Illinois due to the Ash Borer. Sadly, it seems it is being chipped up and destroyed for fear of spreading the bugs.
No worries on this piece. I boiled the handle and steamed the longer pieces. Anything still living in it at the time is pretty much well done.
Glad the cane turned out so well, but never tell the wife you're glad you listened to her advice. LOL
A beautiful job and the worm tracks are super.
we also have a problem with elm trees dutch elm is dissapering fast due to the spreading of disease in the trees .pests can cuase so much damage best try to control it A.S.A.P. and stop it from spreading
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